Our Services

  • Maintenace

  • Analysis

  • Value Creation

  • Solutions

  • Performance

  • Industrial Solutions


  • We do the work that normally has to be done in a forest.
  • We save your time.
  • We keep your value.


  • We evaluate the charateristics of your forest.
  • We have the experience and the network to analyse on a well working basis.
  • Our experience is based on knowledge of the whole industry.
  • You will get a perfect fact sheet of your forest.
  • We deliver services regarding the transaction and taxation of and/or within your forest.
  • You will therefore feel safe with you value proposition of your forest.
  • We deliver orientation.

Value Creation

  • We work on the strength of your forest to increase the value.
  • We focuse our work with full transparency.
  • You will be involved in all planning.
  • We deliver a full reporting to you.
  • We will pimp your forest.


We are able to adress and help you in finding solutions for covering a lot of risks within forestry.

  • wind
  • bugs
  • fire

Our contractors are big well financed institutions that are able and willing to work with forestry-risks.

Industrial Topics

  • We are acting on the basis of our network and our experience as well accepted consultans regarding actual industrial topics.
  • Currently there are two major discussion within the economy:
    • CO2
    • energy

    We deliver opinions, discussions and solutions for the forest industry on those topics.